Welcome to the virtual home cattery "Phanagoreia"!


 My name is Yana, I Instructor felinologist, breeder and owner of the cattery "Phanagoreia". 

Register WCF (Germany).

 Cattery specializes in breeding cats Scottish: Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight, Highland fold and Highland straights. In the future, we also plan to breed Maine Coon.

 Scottish cat - it is discreet, quiet, unobtrusive, absolutely not aggressive (easy to get along with other animals), very smart (even respond to the name). Wool is thick, plush, soft to the touch. In Highland ( longhair group of Scottish cats) she no tangles and the animal always looks elegant with minimal care.

 On our site you will get acquainted with our manufacturers, involved in the breeding program cattery. You can also pick up a pedigree kitten for breeding, show career or just a cute teddy other.

 Timely vaccination, closing from outside matings, proper nutrition - the key to the health of our animals.

            Tsevkach Yana